This is great! Biba only has 1 Weight Watcher Point! LS

I drink one before I go running. The vitamin B makes me feel amazing, and my workouts are so much better! NP

This is really a smart drink and it tastes so good. I thought it was going be much sweeter. It is so light and crisp. Perfect for summer! HL

People don't realize how dehydrated from the wind you get on a motorcycle. The wind and heat from the bike can wear you down. Biba fits great in the saddlebags! TB

I drink one before I work out and it totally gives me energy, good energy, not that caffeinated buzz that makes you jittery. I really feel great when I drink it."

I have diabetes and Biba has such low sugar I can drink it and not worry about my blood sugar like I do with other sodas.

Pedialyte hating kids...
Yes, I have 2 of them so THANK YOU for making Biba!!!! Our oldest was vomiting for over 4 hours and the only thing that she would think of ingesting was biba and it worked like a charm!!!! Kept her from getting the effects of dehydration from the vomiting - in fact we had to stop her from drinking it all in one gulp - she kept begging for it - BIBA ROCKS!!!!!

I LOVE Biba! I drink one every night before bed to help keep me hydrated. Keep up the great work and I'll keep spreading the word.

Where has Biba been my whole life??? I am so glad I finally found it...my life is complete now!

I love giving it to my kids, small cans so smaller portions, low sugar, all natural, no caffeine and the kids feel great!

Finally someone thought of this! What a great idea! everyone should drink this stuff!